Innovations only result from ideas when they are successfully implemented in new products, services or processes on the market.

Too many ideas end up in drawers due to a lack of feasibility testing, lack of human resources, lack of know-how about possible production facilities or sales strategy and unaffordable implementation.

The Flamingo Network consists of a huge number of experts who solve exactly this problem. Our strength is the visualization and realization of innovations.

Let us be your companion for success.

Innovation workshops

Ready for the future?

365 ideas in 1 hour – Top 10, Marcus secures your future!

Prototyping for your innovation?

Whether in 3D printing, metal, wood processing or recyclable materials!

Together with the oberHUB team and CEO Tobias Guttenberg, we enable innovators, creative people, architects, hotels and artists to turn their ideas into reality.

The FLAMINGO NETWORK takes care of marketing, content creation and market placement and the oberHUB turns your ideas into reality.