We at the FLAMINGO NETWORK are committed to sustainability and have set ourselves the goal of making every possible facet of life sustainable.

For this reason we looked for sustainable companies and manufacturers in the Oberland that implement regional production, sustainable economy and ecological thinking.

When you buy food from the region, you promote short transport distances and thus help to reduce harmful greenhouse gases caused by transport. In addition, there are many other arguments in favor of buying products produced in your own region, such as preserving regional jobs, reducing traffic, buying second-hand goods such as vegetables with small optical defects.

Shop local


Jodschwefelbad Wiessee

soaps, natural cosmetics, allergy medicine

Soafnkammerl Naturkosmetik

natural soaps, manufacture, cosmetics


Geschmackssachen Tegernsee

Breakfast, homemade, catering

MachtSinn Regionalladen

regional products, prepared locally

Packaging + Gift Ideas

Hey Circle

reusable packaging, CO² neutral

Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund

local paper production, highest quality materials

solare Stadt Landkreis Miesbach

Initiative for green municipalities, subsidies



local producer with craft beer and classics


Traditional company from Holzkirchen, beer classic

Liedschreiber Edelbrand Destillerie

Distillery manufacture in small editions

Lantenhammer Destillerie

award-winning spirits in many flavors

Fish + Meat

Steakschmiede Kreuth

regionally and sustainably produced meat

Fischerei Tegernsee

Fishing rights at the Tegernsee with nationwide offer

Fischerei Schliersee

Local fisherman at Schliersee with a wide range, catering


Farm shop with specialty meat

Hofgut Reiter

Cattle breeding with an exclusive, seasonal offer


Milchtankstelle beim Strobl

24-hour milk sale to tap yourself, Demeter quality


traditioneller Bauernhof mit besuchbarer Rinderzucht

Herbs + Spices


Spices from all over the world, recipe ideas

Miesbacher Kräuterpädagogen

guided tours, natural life


Tegernseer Kaffeerösterei

1st roastery at Tegernsee, various beans

FeelGood Coffee

Pop-Up Café, own merchandise


BIO Imkerei Konrad

local beekeeper from Bavaria, different varieties

Imker Georg Ramgraber

independent beekeeper, exclusive production

Imkerverein Gmund

Promotion of beekeepers in the district, courses and workshops


Hofladen am Boarhof

Handmade delicacies, exclusive café

Naturkäserei Tegernseer Land eG

local producer, highest quality products

Obermooser Biokäse

small editions with the highest taste quality


personalized gifts, regional cooperations


traditional manufacture, high-quality flours


Farm shop with regional products



regional production of healthy vegetables


sustainable supermarket with a wide range

BioTerra Markt Holzkirchen

Vegetarian and vegan supermarket offer

Biogut Wallenburg

Organic farming with seasonal sales


Bund Naturschutz Miesbach

Initiative for nature conservation in all areas

Vivo Warngau

local recycling company


Strengthen the economy in our region and support the regional specialist trade and companies by motivating and retaining your employees.

for bosses (m/w/d):

for employees (m/w/d):

reduce emissions

In the production of aluminum products, an average of 13.5 tonnes of CO2 equivalents are released per tonne, in comparison, the processing of new plastic granulate releases around 2.4 tonnes of CO2 equivalents. With modern plastics and an optimized design, mass-payload ratios similar to those of aluminum can be achieved in the application. That would mean a saving of over 80% in CO2 equivalents. Furthermore, compared to the use of new granulate, the use of recycled plastic or recyclates can save an average of 60% in emissions.

Use our oberHUB to switch to new ecological materials-
we visualize your idea.

A bike supported by the company is more than a salary. This is how it works: Employees look for the bike they want from a specialist dealer or online, all manufacturers and brands are possible. The employer leases the JobRad and leaves it to the employees. They drive it whenever they want: to work, in everyday life, on vacation or for sports. And the employee saves up to 40% compared to a conventional purchase. And JobRad? Make sure everything runs smoothly!

Positerra acts as an intermediary between companies and farmers. Farmers are committed to building up humus in their fields, making their farms fit for the future. The companies, in turn, support the farmers and financially reward their commitment to climate and public welfare. In this way, they also offset emissions that cannot be prevented.

Together, it is already possible to bind significant amounts of CO2 in the soil in a short time. But the effects go even further: soils with healthy humus layers contribute to sustainable farming systems that are resilient to extreme weather conditions and ensure reliable food production. By consistently avoiding the use of pesticides, mineral fertilizers and the like, natural soil cultivation releases far less CO2 than industrial agriculture. In this way, it contributes twice to achieving “net zero”.

Plant-for-the-Planet is a global leader in mobilizing reliable and sustainable forest restoration. More than 200 recovery projects have already joined our open-source and commission-free platform to provide visibility into their work, monitor their impact on recovery, and raise funds.

RideBee is an application for forming carpools, explicitly for trips to and from work. Simply log in to your company location. If your company is not yet participating, simply contact us using the contact form. In order for you to be able to register, your company must sign a cooperation agreement. If you would like to drive your own car, you create a ride offer. In order to be taken along, you create a ride request. As a passenger, you can find and request drivers, but not the other way around. As soon as the driver has accepted the request, your journey is confirmed and you can conveniently chat with each other via the app, e.g. B. to agree the exact departure time and meeting point.

The “levelup” project of the Technical University of Rosenheim performed excellently in the “Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22”, the world’s largest university competition for sustainable building and living. The concept of the Rosenheim team is based on the idea of using existing buildings as part of an energy modernization to top up First place in the “Energy Performance” category, probably the most important category of this competition, confirmed the high quality of the STEICO construction system and its wood fiber insulation materials for climate-neutral, resource-efficient and affordable construction to tie the soil. But the effects go even further: soils with healthy humus layers contribute to sustainable farming systems that are resilient to extreme weather conditions and ensure reliable food production. By consistently avoiding the use of pesticides, mineral fertilizers and the like, natural soil cultivation releases far less CO2 than industrial agriculture. In this way, it contributes twice to achieving “net zero”.

At Treemer you can have trees planted that offset your CO2 consumption and do something good for you and your environment. With BeeTree you can plant trees through us that help bees and other insects to survive. If you would like to donate or get involved directly in a project, you are more than welcome to do so.

The ecocockpit is the free solution for determining the CO2 footprint. Use the ecocockpit to create the carbon footprint of your company (CCF) and your products (PCF) in just a few steps. Identify your CO2 drivers in the company in an uncomplicated and practical way and initiate measures to reduce them together with us.

Zero Waste

Changing sustainability through employee awareness

The biggest challenge in climate protection is to motivate people to leave their comfort zone. For a company with different business areas, in most cases climate protection initially means more investments. In order for a conversion to climate neutrality or even to climate-positive results to be successful, management and management should define goals together and summarize them in a management manual and at the same time collect the many impulses from the employees in an environmental booklet that can be constantly expanded.

You throw your cardboard and paper waste into KAROPACK containers (Euro pallet dimensions), which we set up in your company. You can easily and conveniently dispose of your old packaging material. Karopack picks up your paper and old cardboard, shreds the old packaging material and packs it in tear-resistant paper bags as filling material, delivers the packaging cushions produced to your door free of charge and takes away the old cardboard and waste paper that has accumulated in the meantime. You use the packaging cushions for the safe shipping of your goods.

Boxes and bags circulate up to 50 times between online retailers and consumers. You thus reduce waste from disposable boxes, CO₂ emissions and conserve resources. From the 13th return, a Hey-Cicle BOX is climate-neutral and thanks to the clever flexible folding/zipper concept, you can save a lot of money depending on the shipping method. A simple IT integration into the online shop creates a strong return incentive for maximum circulation.